Casa Heavy Duty Shoes (Black/Red)
Casa Heavy Duty Shoes (Black/Red)

Casa Heavy Duty Shoes (Black/Red)

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Casual Safety Shoes!

The Casa Heavy Duty sneakers are the perfect balance of appearance and functionality. They have a thick, protective sole that makes them suitable for work environments, yet the sleek design makes them fashionable enough to wear in public.

Why choose us?

Unique Range of Footwear

Yes, everyone says they have "unique" products, but hear us out :) Cava attentively goes out to look for sneakers that are outside the norm of everyday sneaker brands we are used to. When you go through our catalogue you will notice designs that you probably have not seen before.

Make People Stop and Cav'

Because our products aren't typically what you would find in a typical retail store, you are guaranteed that when you are wearing our products, people will stop and look. If you love the attention, this is definitely for you! Who wants to look basic anyway?!