Make Them Stop and Cav

The word "CAVA" is township slang meaning 'to look' or 'to see' and just like our name, CAVA was born with one goal - to provide sneakers that you do not find in any retail store. When you wear any of our sneakers, you are guaranteed that people will stop and cav! 


Back in primary school, our CEO (Lebogang Mokubela) used to hate casual days. Simply because he did not have the fancy clothes all the other kids had. So he used to borrow his neighbour's Nike Shox.

"It was actually so funny lol πŸ˜…. I had a whole shirt and pants from PEP with a R2k sneaker haha. 😫😏 The combos were not communicating" says Lebogang 

Lebogang loved the attention though - he loved how he stood out from the other kids. This became the hallmark of Lebogang's "fashion" journey - when he was able to afford the clothes and sneakers he wanted, he'd only shop at places where he knew not a lot of people shopped. Why? To stand out.

"I mean there's nothing worse than spending a lot of money on a sneaker and finding a gazillion other people wearing it. If I'm going to spend a lot of money on a sneaker, I must very well stand out. I must nyis' the people πŸ˜…. "

This is the basis of the Cava Sneakers brand. It's a brand for those that don't want to look like everyone else - we source & retail sneakers you do not find in traditional retail stores so when you wear our sneakers, you're guaranteed to #MakeThemStopAndCav

We are all about treating your feet to exclusivity.
We are a brand for those that LOVE standing out.
We are a brand obsessed with being bold and not being afraid to be uniquely YOU. 


β€œWe all, without exception, need relationships to achieve extraordinary things”

Meet entrepreneurial husband & wife duo, Lebogang and Naledi Mokubela, who are the founders of Cava Sneakers. The duo launched the CAVA business on the 16th of June 2020 and the first customer bought on the 19th of June 2020 at 16:02. "When we heard that "ting" sound from Shopify, my wife and I literally jumped and danced hahaha. We were so excited. We only sold 9 sneakers in our first month. But the next month, we sold a total of 96 pairs and we've growing since then." says Lebogang Mokubela 



We are distinguishable in terms of products and general approach to business


We do what we say we will do, no excuses. 


We are not afraid to try new things 

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